My husband and I have just now renewed our Henderson Security contract for another two years because we have been so grateful for the excellent personal service that we have received over our initial contract period.

For example, at some point I arrived home late one night when my husband was away golfing in North Carolina and I was greeted by a beep-beep-beep that I thought was coming from our security system. Being on my own, and hating all things techno, I went into a tailspin. Unable to figure out what was going on, I called the Henderson Security monitoring station. The technician who took my call first checked to make sure that the security system indicated that there were no intruders or anything problematic with the systems monitored by the Henderson system. He could have hung up at that point but instead walked me (virtually) around my house until I located an old carbon monoxide monitor that I had put plugged into a wall socket long prior to retaining Henderson as a home security service. The tech advised that the battery was just about finished and was beeping to provide an alert. The battery was changed and the beeping stopped … what a relief!! And my near heart attack was averted!

Further, as I am a complete techno-neophyte but knowing that I need to be able to set the Henderson Security system when my husband is not around, I have been working to understand the full functionality of our system. This is not a problem with the security system but instead relates to my emotional and intellectual rejection of all things computer-linked. Mark Wilson, the Henderson sales manager, has gone out of his way several times to drop by our house on his way to or from work to give me a quick remedial lesson on something that I have forgotten because he knows that I have to actually see how things are done rather than try to follow telephone instructions.

My husband and I receive numerous flyers and other materials advertising the security services of national security telecom companies. We have checked them out in the past but have seen nothing that would give us the same level of confidence in the individual and complete support that we have had from Henderson Security.

And that is why we have just renewed our Henderson Security contract.

Anne and Gene Markell

I have moved several times over the past 8+ years and continued renewing contracts with Henderson for security equipment and services. I recently moved, and as always dealt directly with Mark Wilson, who has always treated me in a professionally and friendly manner. On the day of my most recent installation, I was running very late. I asked Henderson if they could keep this appointment, which they did. The technician, Adam, arrived past his typical quitting time and stayed until after 8PM to complete the installation. I cannot say enough about my business relationship with Henderson. As always, a job well done.


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