NEXGEN Smart Home Automation

What is smart home automation?

A single Smart HUB that controls all home automation features through a single common source.

How it works

Gives you the ability to control all automated aspects of your home via your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world.


NEXGEN is perfect for things like allowing temporary access to house cleaners, caregivers, house sitters, etc. and being able to remotely view cameras for enhanced security.

NEXGEN is the future of home safety with it’s ability to replace traditional hardwired security systems using fully wireless Zwave technology. As Zwave technology enhances over time, so does NEXGEN’s, eliminating the need to ever upgrade equipment. It’s popularity is growing so quickly that Ottawa home builders are including NEXGEN as an upgrade option for buyers!



Remotely control:

  • lights
  • security locks
  • thermostats
  • cameras
  • fire detection
  • flood detection
  • alarm system
  • appliances
  • garage doors
  • pet tracking
  • doorbell
  • so much more!

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