Video Surveillance

A security video surveillance system is one of the best deterrents of crime; when a camera is spotted and the idea of a proposed illegal act being recorded sets in, more often than not, it will cause the person to reconsider.

Many ‘big box’ stores offer a variety of retail grade DIY video surveillance systems that offer limited features and support. Ottawa’s Henderson Security only provides top of the line commercial grade video surveillance systems for both our residential and commercial clients, that offer the best quality, interactive features and is backed by our *full warranty*

If you decide to get a DIY security system and/or video surveillance make sure that you:

  • Consult with a security professional before purchasing any system. They will be able to guide you toward the best products to suit your particular needs and provide tips/assistance when it comes to proper installation.
  • Ask the company you purchase the product from if they have a showroom/demo room where you can view how their different products work before you buy anything.

My husband and I have just now renewed our Henderson Security contract for another two years because we have been so grateful for the excellent personal service that we have received over our initial contract period.

For example, at some point I arrived home late one night when my husband was away golfing in North Carolina and I was greeted by a beep-beep-beep that I thought was coming from our security system. Being on my own, and hating all things techno, I went into a tailspin. Unable to figure out what was going on, I called the Henderson Security monitoring station. The technician who took my call first checked to make sure that the security system indicated that there were no intruders or anything problematic with the systems monitored by the Henderson system. He could have hung up at that point but instead walked me (virtually) around my house until I located an old carbon monoxide monitor that I had put plugged into a wall socket long prior to retaining Henderson as a home security service. The tech advised that the battery was just about finished and was beeping to provide an alert. The battery was changed and the beeping stopped ... what a relief!! And my near heart attack was averted!

Anne and Gene Markell